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 Posted: Mon Nov 12th, 2012 12:15 am
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One thing that isn't mentioned in the link is the "radiator" is there to condense the used steam back into water. Steam autos consume a very large amount of water, and in the early, round nose (now called "coffin nose") Stanley cars--pre 1915-- the exhaust was vented to the atmosphere after passing through the engine, Depending on the size of the water tank on the car, this could mean stopping to refill the water tank every 25 miles. Not as much a problem back then as it is now, as back then there were plenty of horse watering troughs along the roads. The teamsters and other horse users looked down on this, feeling the motorist was "stealing" "their" water. There were also claims that horses would refuse to drink from the supply after the steam car desecrated it. Later cars had what looked like a conventional car radiator out in front, to condense at least some of the steam back into water--and extend the mileage between stops


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