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 Posted: Sun Nov 11th, 2012 04:01 pm
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I follow the H.A.M.B site also and today found this pic over there:

along with this caption:
"Description:This historic image is of what was described as a gasoline-powered railcar that was part of the White River Railroad of Vermont that was completed in Gaysville around 1900. Two men can be seen posing for the photographer, probably the conductor in front and an owner standing in the doorway based on their dress. The railcar is black with the number "101" and word "Stanley" painted on the side. Deciduous trees can be seen in the background. The season is summer. Donald B. Valentine writes on 2006-2-15: The two men in this photo appear to be incorrectly identified. The man in the doorway is more likely the conductor and the man in the window the motorman or operator, corresponding to the engineer of a normal locomotive. This is not, however, a "gasoline-powered rail car". Rather, as the Stanley name on the side clearly indicates, it was a steam powered rail car powered by a boiler and drive train very similar to what the Stanley Steam Carriage Company of Newton, Massachusetts, used to power their Stanley Steamer automobiles. The car is believed to be being tested on the White River Railroad at this time and was later on the Boston & Maine, where it ultimately burned in an enginehouse fire in Bristol, New Hampshire."
I see what looks like a radiator and a muffler behind it. So it would be gas powered, right?. Jose.

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