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 Posted: Sat Nov 10th, 2012 06:13 pm
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The Colorado Historical Society's archives have 4 original journal books for the Gilpin Tram, besides containing tons of information on traffic on the line, there are 4 drawings of bridges that were to be replaced or built. Three of them seem to match locations that can be seen in photos.  One of them doesn't look like anything in old photos nor matched up to any known location.  That fourth, mystery bridge became a model, in fact, an exact scale replica of it!

The shay is a plastic superstructure over an N scale Rapido switcher mechanism.  The excursion car is an old Joeuf car purchased in 1972.

Chase Gulch on the real GT was a narrow, twisty gulch that the GT climbed through stiff grades and sharp curves.  On my layout, it was the scenic section between the upper and lower levels.    The bridges are freelanced, and just looked "right" in this location.


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