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 Posted: Sat Nov 10th, 2012 05:35 pm
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Mike and Jim -

Yes, there's a lot of information available on the Gilpin Tram - I just got caught up in the fun of researching to see what I could find, and several years later, it amounted to a pile of stuff.

I also like to freelance models. Although the Gilpin Tram offers a lot of switching operations, and had an interesting roster, the traffic was limited to mostly ore, some coal, and a little bit of supplies, water and the occasional excursion.

The roster is pretty simple, too: 100+ ore cars, 4 flat cars, about 9 coal cars, 6 excursion cars, water car, snowplow, and 3 cabooses. This can be both liberating (not a big roster to attempt to model), but at times confining. I also like to model passenger traffic, shipments in boxcars, and all kinds of narrow gauge equipment that the Gilpin Tram never had.

My solution was to model equipment and scenes based on the Gilpin Tram, but on the same layout, model other traffic, cars, and places the real tram never had or went to. I adopted the name of a paper railroad - one proposed but never built, which would have been called the Gilpin, James Peak, and Middle Park Railway. This vaguely- proposed line never had a specific route mapped out, so in my world it goes and does what I want it to. So, the passenger rolling stock, boxcars, reefers, etc. are all lettered for the good old G, JP, and MP Ry.


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