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 Posted: Sat Nov 10th, 2012 04:57 pm
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Well it certainly has been a while, once again. Sorry about that. Due to some sudden, unexcpected circumstances I am preparing to move to Georgia on the 18th of Nov. It's all good though! :bg:

Anyher... I've finally had the time to brake out the ole' camera and snap a few photos of the Grandt kit I recently recieved. It should do well for being starting point for my On20 bash. As I recall stating in my last post I had come across a few issues that may complicat this project. One ov the main issues being a broken crank on one of the rear drive wheels. The other issue being slightly bent frames.

Sorry for the fuzzyness, but I think you can see the bend in this frame piece. The other frame piece also has a slight bend to it, but it's barely noticeable. Whereas this piece is much more evident. The next few photos show the basic frame assembly as per the insructions, loose fitted together.

This one shows the obvious skew the frame has from the bend frame pieces.

This photo is taken from the rear looking forward. The front pilot beam is resting at level and this also shows the skewing.

Once I add the boiler and new body shell the skewing may be rectified, however I'm worried that the bent frames may still cause binding with the drive train. :us: Anyone know how to possibly flatten/straiten the frames without damaging them? L:

Moving on, my On20 porter is to be a blend between Arizona Copper Co. locos 9 and 10 along with Detroit Copper Co.'s outside frame porters. (The numbers of the engines elludes me at present) As such I will be using a smaller boiler than the one supplied with the kit. Here's a photo of the supplied boiler with some alternative "boilers" I was able to acquire.

Again, sorry for the fuzzyness. The supplied boiler with the kit is at the fare left. The middle and right tubes are from coupon and recipt rolls from the printers at the store I presently work at.

Here are the "Alternative" boilers I have. Both would serve my purposes well, but each have their pros and cons. The black one is slightly smaller and measuring an almost exact scale 36" in diameter. It's also longer than the white tube. However its surface is not smooth and the internal support strcture would make it difficult to fit anything inside of it, not to mention a motor. It would require a styrene sheet wrapper to pretty it up a bit. As for the white tube it is closer to 37" to 38" scale inches in diameter and it has a smooth surface, which will make it easier to work with as a boiler. Also the inside is much more accomodating for a motor or whatever else I could fit in it. Whether it be wiring or other electronics. The trade off is that it's short. So I would most liekly have to splice two of them together to make a half decent boiler. In either case I will use PSC brass smoke box fronts and number plates.

Well that's about it for this update and it might be a while till I can post another one, due to the move. But at lease you guys get to actually see some "progress"! As little as it may be. :moose:

A.J. Davis

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