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 Posted: Fri Nov 9th, 2012 10:20 pm
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Ray, Woodie, Smokebox, Mike,and Duane:

Nice to hear from all of you. Yes, modeling the Gilpin Tram is a lot of fun, there is a surprising amount of information out there on a railroad that was rather short and didn't run all that long.

I second Smokebox - the best overall reference is the Sundance book, "The Gilpin Tram Era". This has the most amount of information on the GT in one place. Also, Sundance has ceased publication, so when this book is gone, it's gone.

Ferrell's "Gilpin Gold Tram" book is a good reference, too. It is lacking compared to the Sundance book because it was published about 35 years before Sundance's, and a lot more research and information was dug up over the years.

Hollenback published a nice book in the 1950s on the Gilpin Tram. This book is not that hard to get - I have seen some go for $10. I suggest checking out ABEBook Exchange on the internet, or other used book sellers - you might be surprised.

Some other sources of information are:

1. Abbott, Dan. “Colorado Shays, Part 1: Introduction and the Shays of the Gilpin Tramway.” in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, March – April, 1995. pp. 38 - 42

2. Aldrich, John K. Ghosts of Gilpin County, Centennial Graphics, Lakewood, Colorado, 1989.

3. Brown, Robert L. Central City and Gilpin County, Then and Now, The Caxton Printers, Caldwell, Idaho, 1994. Pages 166 – 172.

4. Brunk, Harry W. Up Clear Creek on the Narrow Gauge, Benchmark Publications Ltd., Los Altos, California, 1990. Note: This is the reference for structure plans in Black Hawk. Also, the "More Up Clear Creek" book continues the story.

5. Cox, Terry. Inside the Mountains – A History of Mining Around Central City, Colorado, Pruett Publishing Company, Boulder, Colorado, 1989.

6. Crea, Joe. Mines and Mills in the Colorado Rockies, videotape published by Digital Video Images, Inc., Littleton, Colorado, 2000. Note: This video explains and tours many of the surviving mines that were served by the Gilpin Tram.

7. Crittenden, H. Temple. “The Two Footers: The Gilpin Railroad,” in RAILWAY AND LOCOMOTIVE HISTORICAL SOCIETY BULLETIN Number 57, January, 1942. Pages 94 – 98. Note: A good summary of the railroad history, worth the search for a copy.

8. Digerness, David S. The Mineral Belt – Volume III – Georgetown – Mining – Colorado Central Railroad, Sundance Publications, Ltd., Silverton, Colorado, 1982. Pages 290 – 412. Note: These pages have some great views of downtown Black Hawk trackage.

9. Ferrell, Mallory Hope, “The Gilpin Ore Cars – Western 2 Footers”, in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, September – October, 1998, pp. 30 – 35

10. Fire insurance Maps in the Library of Congress – Plans of North American Cities and Towns Produced by the Sanborn Map Company. Checklist is compiled by the Reference and Bibliography Section, Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 1981. (1885, 1890 and 1895 editions). Note: these maps can be found from many sources. I was able to obtain photocopies from the Denver Public Library, Western History Collection.

11. Gilpin Railroad Quarterly, the quarterly publication of the Gilpin Railroad Historical Society. Issues 1 (August, 1999) to 50 (May, 2012). This publication ceased with the 50th issue, but there is a ton of information here.

12. Granruth, Alan. Mining Gold to Mining Wallets (Central City, Colorado 1859 – 1999), self-published, Central City, Colorado, 1999. Note: Has good background information on Central City and a little bit on the mines.

13. Hauck, Cornelius W. Narrow Gauge to Central and Silver Plume: Colorado Rail Annual Number Ten, Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden, Colorado, 1972. Pages 104, 112 – 115. Note: There are some interesting photos here.

14. Pashina, Keith A. “The Gilpin Line – Snapshots in Time, Part 1,” in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, March – April, 1993, pp. 44 – 49

15. Pashina, Keith A. “The Gilpin Line – Snapshots in Time, Part 2,” in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, May - June, 1993, pp. 38 - 42

16. Pashina, Keith A. “Iron Horses in a Barn, The Gilpin Tramway Co. Engine House,” in Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, September – October, 1999, pp. 52 – 57

19. Pearce, Sarah and Pfaff, Christine. Guide to Historic Central City & Black Hawk, Cordillera Press, Inc., Evergreen, Colorado, 1987. Note: A picture book with the history of several town and industry buildings explained.

20.Crea, Joe. Gilpin Ghost, videotape published by Digital Video Images, Inc., Littleton, Colorado, 2000. Note: this video covers the Gilpin Tram virtually from end to end, and contains many previously unpublished views of the area industries. This presumably is also available in DVD.

There are a few more not listed above, that have some good photos. These are in books such as Ferrell's "Narrow Gauge Country", or others I cannot recall their names right now.

All of the sources listed above, with the possible exception of sources #14-#16, have impeccable information in them.


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