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 Posted: Mon Nov 5th, 2012 04:38 pm
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Start with a tappered dowel with a peice of 1.5mm floristwire stuck in the top...

after that twistin and turning 0.6mm floristwire around the top

Drill holes in the wooden trunk sticking in some .6mm floristwire and secure them with CA. Cut the loops open and arrange them.Quick coat of primer with a rattlecan..

Give the treetop a coat with a mixture of 50% white glue / 25% wallsealant / 25% RAL 8022 colored latex wallpaint and a coat with MDF sawdust with a fine sieve. Reoeat this step a few times untill the transition between the wireframe and the dowel is almost unseeable

Just play around a bit untill it looks like the tree you want it to look like..
Tried a loblolly pine here..

Now they are ready for fibers. Explain these steps later..

Regards Martin
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