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 Posted: Thu Oct 25th, 2012 11:52 pm
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I totally agree with Woodie it is a question that keeps being asked so it is good to bring this thread back.

I have used several ways to weather my track.

On my N Scale SFRSD  layout I have mostly used Micro Engineering Rail Weathering solution with very good results. It gives a nice grey black colour that I wanted.

This is a turnout on my Lost Creek RR

Around the turnouts I use flat black, rust and flat gull grey to make them look like they are well used and have been worked on by track gangs.

On my Lost Creek RR I have hand painted all of the rail with Tamiya Red/Brown, and Tamiya Tuscan Oxide Red and just blended them in all along the rail as I go.

For my Ties I painted them all by hand using a variety of colors. Tamiya Flat Gull Grey, Grey, Earth and mat light brown. I did them all at random intervals and thinned with alcohol so that the colors flowed and did not block out the detail cast into the ties.

The final coat was a diluted wash of India ink in alcohol.

Did I just say final well on some of the ties I went back with some furniture stain and just touched up some of the ties to make them look different and as if they have been replaced some time.

I also painted all of the tie plates rust before the wash of black.

Hope this helps some.

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