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 Posted: Fri Sep 14th, 2012 03:03 pm
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Wow... it's been quite a while since I last logged on here, especially this thread. Talk about a build up of dust and cobwebs. :old dude:

Anyway, again, sorry it's been so long. Unfortunately since my last post life hasn't exactly treated me well. My living situation had become complicated and the bottom fell out financially. However, finally, things are on the rebound and I may actually be able to actually start working on the project! :glad:
Or at least a little at a time.

The Ocalla Tramway has evolved quite a bit since I first started this thread. The small module like design has changed to a 4x8' layout with an On30 interchange. Some of the track placements will be altered at some point, but for the most part this is the "New" Ocalla Tramway.

The idea is to have a layout the is realitively compact layout for home use, as well as to be realitively portable to take to model train shows to promote On20 model railroading. Unfortunately I do not have any clue as to when I'll be able to work on a layout. So sorry, it could be a while before we see any progress with that.

However I will be able to at least work on some of the locomotives and rolling stock. First on my list is a large, outside frame saddle tank Porter. My prototype inspiration came from ACC locos #9 and #10. They were both outside frame 0-4-4 Porters of which I was able to track down some drawings for. Using them I came up with this.

For the most part I have followed the drawings directly. The locomotive has 30" drivers with a 4' wheel base. However the issue I see here, and some of you may see as well, is she looks a little heavy on the back end. The rear driver is nearly in the center of the frame giving the locomotive an unbalanced look. I may alter the design and give the engine of a 4' 6" wheelbase to better ballance the locomotive. However I won't be able to start construction the model until sometime mid october.

I'll be using parts from a Grandt Line 18-ton saddle tank Porter kit. It will take some modifications, but it can be done. Although I am having somewhat of a hard time decerning what kind of motor to get and a gearbox to use for the altered frame. Suggestions are greatly encouraged.

So far that's about it for now. I will post more updates when I am able, and or when something is worth mentioning.

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