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 Posted: Wed Sep 5th, 2012 02:46 pm
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Duane- NO, I will not jump into this fray...except that (in model form), the twin motor Garratt will outpull the articulated.

The Garratt design would have worked in the US, but the US manufacturers (Baldwin, Alco, etc),
seemed to pressure any railroad which expressed an interest in the "furrin" locos.
From what I understand, the Garratts were more economical (green?) in fuel useage,
and were able to curve easier but mechanically they were more of a headache.

The US railroads seemed to dislike anything foreign, look at how the D&RGW berated the double Fairlie "Mountaineer",
it was a failure on that road- but it did do the job.

Imagine that the Glover Machine Works in Marietta, GA built a copy of a Garratt (no license agreement),
it might have been acceptable and did find a place on the Mogollon Railway.

So, which one is "superior"? It lies in the opinions of those who sit and discuss such things (nitpickers).
All I know is that YES, my Garratt can and will outpull my Baldwin 2-4-4-2 and that is a fact...Jack!

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