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 Posted: Sat Sep 1st, 2012 01:48 pm
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After reading Lucas' brick thread I thought it might be appropriate to show how I make Dry Stone walls using Blue Foam.
Initially I carved the shapes into the foam, however I noted that when applying a Car Spray Undercoat (Halfords UK) the alcohol in the spray paint disolved the foam to a small extent.
Here's the first section of wall I made.

I then made two further walls using the foam.
The next photo shows a reject (short Wall) where my carving was too extreme and too much paint applied resulting in excessive erosion of the foam.
However the second longer wall was made by just scoring the surface of the foam and letting the paint do the eroding to create reasonable gaps twixt stones.
Surface was then washed with black acrylic to highlight the gaps. Now needs finish paint plus dirt/moss.
The reject will be remade using just the scoring technique.

By the way I've also tried the scoring technique to make bricks, again using paint (red oxide) to erode the brick courses. I use a Xacto blade to score the foam. Result is good and very quick.

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