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 Posted: Sat Sep 1st, 2012 01:34 pm
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One of the layouts I've always been inspired by is the "Wharf Street" Sn2 layout by Bar Mills Scale Model Works. I found on their site last night several shots of it along with a page or so description of different facets of the layout.

The layout is absolutely beautiful, but what really surprised me the most was the use of an "illuminated backdrop". He mentions it towards the end, but it can be more easily seen in these two photos:

So my question is -- what in the world!?!? I've been into model railroading for years now and haven't ever seen anything like this. I'm assuming the idea is that the glow on the backdrop gives the scene more depth? Any other reasons?

And what would be used for the actual light part of that? The first thing that came to mind was those LED strips that you can get on ebay (like this:

Anybody know any more about illuminated backdrops?

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