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 Posted: Fri Aug 17th, 2012 03:03 am
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Bernd wrote: What can I say but....


Ok I'm done.


  Glad you liked them Bernd, seems like you are the only guy that likes rusty junk like me. Thanks very much , just for your pleasure I'll put up a little more rusty iron. :Salute:

 RATS I had a whole string going and hit some key wrong and EVERTHING VANISHED!!! :doh:

  I'll start over.............. Here is a prototype --- I found it AFTER I built the Packard  and this is a Buick ..... but thats close enough for the kind of girls I go with!


 This is a hot wheels Packard -------BD ----(before Dremel) 




 OK --- How do you get a tear like that in diecast pot metal?  Easy , the whole fender is baking tin and the door has a big gash cut clear out and the side covered with baking tin.

 Raggedy top is tulle and cotton and tissue paper. The hood will soon find a NEW home on a Packard truck, bet you did not know they made any ?  Well another hot wheels custom 40 pickup is about to realize what it's like to be an ugly duckling!


 A little closer look at the roof.


 Oh -- hoods gone and a motor showed up!


  Timing gears------ from a bunch of watch parts I stole for about 6 bucks on E Bay -- I got little bits and chunks to last a zillion years, the 40 ford widow regulator is more of it , I even got some stuff small enough to put insude a pop rivet rear end like a ring gear!

 A few more shots of the scratched motor .



  Thats about it for the Packard , I am going to put glass in that is too dirty and nasty to see thru so I don't have to detail the interior.  Hey when ya, gotta do over a hundred or so you have to be smart --------  wait --a SMART person would not -------- Like  one cowboy said in the western remake of 7 samuri -- I forget the name they gave it that time around , talking about the young kid that was too stupid not to go home because to go on was certain death and , I think , Steve Mcqueen said  'Ya he ain't smart --like us!":dope:

 Hey------- has anybody figured out what the gizmo in the Hudson window is??


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