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 Posted: Thu Aug 16th, 2012 10:56 pm
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 Ok  --- want more do ya Bernd ?  More ya get.

First a real live prototype car!



  Fortunately Hot wheels makes a fastback Chevy this same year!  It's green and I need it totaly in rust, so a bit of trial and error is in store.

   Well this is not quite what I wanted, but if you look close at the hood you evan see I added a "swan wing" hood ornament made of the eye of a needle and some red cellophane , Valentine candy has really bright RED wrappings!


  OK --starting to look a bit better , rear fender looks decent crunched a bit. Eventually the wheels will have to go .


Ok thats getting closer , don't you think?  Ever see an old car without a droopy door handle?

I almost stopped here but decided MORE rust was in order!

 Pretty well got it I think . Next shot is from the front.


  Well did I capture the prototype close enough? Hey , just realized I was WRONG:bang: about a 5 pic limit!!:rah:


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