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 Posted: Thu Aug 16th, 2012 09:14 pm
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 Just remember , you asked for it!

 OK here is my idea of a Hudson Pick up.

  First the hood goes , then it gets a grill that looks more like a Hudson. There is the forty with the first grill I built for it , it is a piece of aluminum tube squarshed a bit then slit with a .003 dremel disk.  I know a  ----WHAT thickness dremel disk?---- naaaa  , but I do have some !

 A test fit of the interior floor and firewall , you can see the sides of the baking tin bed, the bed floor will be wood.


 The floor mat is the quilted foil from a cigarette pack, don't know where I'll get that now , I quit smoking.:glad:

 Got a little grungy paint on and a baking tin tailgate , probably the real Hudson did not have it written across the tailgate , but I decided on a little "insurance" that onlookers would KNOW what this wreck is!


 OK---- the running board covers are on , more cigarette foil , but run thru my N scale corrugator tool . The rear end made of pop rivets and  some sort of electrical connectors that I have no idea where I found them is shown . The Radiator is made from a ribbed section of a CD case with extra cross hatching and a piece of brass for the tank.

Decided to leave a rear end installed under the car -- I really liked the way the brakes turned out --- there is not much more to this rear end than you see --- " if ya can't see it -- don't model it" ! -- Lynn Austin. The other rear end will be put in the bed, so it won't go to waste.

 To be continued.............. hope you are enjoying these as much as I did!!


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