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 Posted: Thu Aug 16th, 2012 06:43 am
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W C Greene wrote: Bernd-the US mail nixed the plan to send you some "cob" spiders. In 1:35 scale, the little fellows are about the size of a small tarrantula. Real scale spiders, can't get better than that!

Dave-really neat work on the cars. It appears that you have scratchbuilt motor blocks, etc. Fine stuff, please send along more photos.


Woodie-- Yes the motors and many other parts are scratched, rear ends transmissions, frames , axles. etc.

  Photos? --PHOTOS?  We GOT stinking photos!!


      A little color on the new decklid and some rust starting here and there.

 A grille of aluminum tube and the headlight taken out, some glass in and the cowl vent opened.

 there is the rear end , made of pop rivets and tube, the door is back on , look close , the window regulator is there too. More glass in.

  Now  a dash, steering, gearshift, the little green thing seen thru the hole in the floor is the bell housing of a flathead motor. Also seen is the frame and front axle . radius rod and spring .

 Here is the Forty in it's final repose , just waiting for a piece of real estate to sink into .

  I have a few more of this one showing the partially stripped interior that I will find in case any one out there needs a trim panel or two to restore their cherished 40.  

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