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 Posted: Wed Aug 15th, 2012 02:46 am
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Bernd wrote: Dave,

That first close up of the Cord has gotten modified VW written all over it.:P

Just kidding. Nice job on making those cars look so relistic. I bet if you took a picture when they are all stacked side by side in the yard a few feet away it look very real.

@ Woodie,

Also nice looking cars. Looks like you've got real cob webs on that one half track. :2t:

 I already asked Woodie to catch and send me one of his scale spiders-- so far no answer.  Looks like I got a bit of interest in 1/64 junk -- so I'll post a few more and kind of show how they get that way.  the Hapless 40 is shown basking in the sun --totaly unaware of the dremel approaching in the night!
  The Dremel has attacked! So far it has whacked off a door , fender, the floor, and cut a big hole in the roof! There has been a fenderwell panel in, and the hole in the roof turned into a dent with aluminum from a disposable baking tin put in to turn the hole into a dent--a bit of body putty will blend and hide the edges. Also the deck lid is gone , and it and the left rear fender replaced with crumpled aluminum.


 Here is a shot of the rear "crunch" with the deck lid cut off.


 OK bare aluminum deck lid installed.

 OK again I hit the 5 pic limit. --To be continued==


instant glue?--- SOLDER----- NOW THATS INSTANT!
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