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 Posted: Fri Jun 22nd, 2012 04:07 am
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Hello to one and all. I'm wanting to know how any of you would go about approaching to get to model the following pictures. These were taken in the north part of New Mexico SW of Raton. Its a stretch I want to model and always escapes me as to how to go about modeling southwestern scenery that just "stretches forever" into the distance.. sure I know about large landscaping and such but to get the colors, grass etc all JUST right is really difficult. Seems like when I see pictures of say the V&O all is green and trees..but try to model the southwest with out looking too much like a cliché seems at times impossible.. suggestions?? and yes I know of the fella who did the books of scenery (modern railroading) of California who lives in Scandinavia (Pelle Soeborg). I have his books and they are "close" but big difference between Mojave desert and rolling hills of New Mexico/west texas/eastern Arizona. Looking to model this in HO scale. thanks for any help.

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