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 Posted: Wed Apr 11th, 2012 04:59 am
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Don Thanks so much.

A number of years ago I took my family via VIA from Vancouver to Calgary,
and was amazed how we could be sitting in an observation car
(with drinks clinking in our glasses, of course)
on our way into the Kicking Horse Pass tunnels,
that anyone could ever imagine that it was possible to get to this remote and beautiful place, let alone build a railway there.

It must have been pioneers like yours that realized that to build not just one,
but TWO trestles 100 feet above the creek only to advance the rails a couple hundred yards,
that paved the way for such fabulous engineering triumphs.

I only hope that the poor mason setting that first course of abutment stones on the right hand trestle was your only loss.
What brave souls also to venture the first consist across.

Keep us all posted on your adventures as you did with that tentative first crossing.

I'm inspired to go out and start making some latex molds and get my library 'cliffed-up'.

Thanks for the long shot and the push you have provided to get us all going.


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