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 Posted: Tue Mar 27th, 2012 08:42 am
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Bill, what you are wanting to do will certainly work.  I've been using battery R/C in large-scale for almost 2 decades and am totally pleased with it for what I'm doing; that is, a switching layout with a limited number of locomotives.  I have fully independent control of each unit without any power on the tracks, just like my prototype.

But in your case, it seems to me you may be missing a chance at something golden.  The use of R/C to control units powered by wire would be a fully acurate modeling of YOUR prototype's operation.  If I had the chance to run live diesel R/C, I'd surely look into it!
That said, you may find the new battery R/C system being developed for HO/Hon3 by Tam Valley of interest.  Check their website.

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