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 Posted: Thu Mar 1st, 2012 04:04 pm
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Si , fellers..

Thanks , I have seen the bond ,James bond filme.Today the world has very much shrunk due the internet..Amberly...even Teddy Boston's line in filme..even archival stuff...the Listowel and Belly button..ER Calthorps cineme'..great stuff..

I appreciate the pointing to the prototype stuff .

Your a friend of Stan..?..Schwedler..?..he drew some early drawing / plans...of Porters..

I am going to see them this weekend..lunch with the boys ..saturday...a tradition...

Probably need rent a hall now..moo hahahahahahah

It is very nice for me , to see this blast from the past fotos..I didn't know if they existed or where ...didn't remember talking these ..or this many,.so it is all a gift..


Oh..the figgers are SLM..I think they are among the best figgers ever...we were buying them depending on the expressions on their faces....grumpy guys got left behind...etc..hahahaha


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