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 Posted: Sun Feb 26th, 2012 08:30 pm
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Those locos that were at Hoover Dam were some real historical pieces, shame they have been moved. Many years ago, we were in Vegas and I went looking for "Last Frontier Casino" where they were supposed to be but several folks told me that the place was long gone and the locos were cut up. We rented a car and drove off to see the dam...along the way, I saw them up on a hill alongside the highway, right across from the Hoover Dam museum. There was a 3 foot Shay (Pioche Pacific), a little 2-6-0 (also PP), and down at the museum was a tiny Porter 0-4-0t and some tiny 2 axle flat cars & mine cars. I have old photos of the stuff buried in a box somewhere, maybe I will dig them out and send them here someday. BTW-the Hoover Dam tour was really cool!


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