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 Posted: Fri Feb 24th, 2012 05:15 pm
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Si , feller.s.

Thanks for the kind words..Vegas is another thing..course they do have Egyptian temples..palaces..the Eiffel tower ..All done in foam.Moo hahahahahaha

Even some mining ish foam..there was / is a porter..and a shay..on display near Hoover dam...or boulder if you are a democrat..moo hahahahah

they are gone...adn will probably emerge re built..there is a Nevada rly musuem there..and they will probably have the stuff..

A fellow out in Fallon has alot of old iron..three or so lokeys..all diminutive steamers..and an ore car off the Lewis and battle mountain NG..which ran off the Nevada central..

As i roll around i like to stop and take pitchers.and will share any good I see's it...

Thanks..and carry on...

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