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 Posted: Sun Feb 12th, 2012 11:32 pm
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I have been modeling in N Scale since 1969 and after building and operating several layouts and several house moves later it was time to start over. This new layout started life in October 1994 and is based loosely on the Santa Fe in Kansas and Oklahoma during 1986.

The room was ripped apart as to the previous layout and all walls were lined as too the ceiling. The ceiling was lined with industrial grade 5 ply so I could mount my lights and valances anywhere they need ed to go. All corners are curved to give the effect of the layout just going on.

The room is 20ft x 14ft (first version as it was extended much later)

The layout is built on L Girder left over from previous versions with cabinet grade 5 ply for the road bed. Track is weathered ME code 55 with ME #6 turnouts highly modified. The main line sits on two layers of 3mm cork with the passing sidings on 5 mm and the industrial lines on 3mm.

Tortoise switch motors are used on all turnouts with the frog wired for good electrical contact.

I'll add more stuff as days go by.


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