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 Posted: Thu Feb 2nd, 2012 09:18 am
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Paint of staining the sleepers first works well for hand land track.
Don is using Peco track.

Don I have used Peco track a lot and this works well,
  1. first I give the tops of the rail a light wipe with some oil.
  2. spray the track with a cheap Matt Grey Auto primer (outside) ensuring you cover it from both sides, allow to dry. coat the rails as well. Nothing to fancy
  3. I mix up about 4 to 6 different thin shades of greys, tans and browns etc....colours you want your sleepers (ties) to be. I use Tamiya thinned with what ever I have available Rubbing Alcohol works as long as its paint compatible but whatever you have will work, these just thin washers
  4. them randomly wash the sleepers along the whole length than move on and on, Just make sure you cover the ends as well as well. 
I don't even worry about rinsing the brush just let it all flow, you will end up with a nice randomly coloured piece of track. Don't forget must of it will be covered with ballast.

Once you lay the track you can use either the Floquil colour pens to paint your rail, it is primed now (remember) even with a brush it will flow on nicely, you only need to paint the rail you can see, this will also paint the spikes and some of the plates.
When you are done apply your choice of Ballast, I agree with Kim, Chucks is good, I get mine from Christmas Everyday. and follow the others as far as applying and glueing the ballast is concerned.

I use a piece square sponge like you get in some HO box car kits and trim it to fit over the rails and slowly drag it along, every now and then a gentle tap will settle the ballast. over flow can be brushed up or pushed back into place.

When the glue has dried you can just wipe the tops of the rails (remember the oil you applied) and away you go.
Good luck with it, I find it quite relaxing to ballast track and enjoy the finish, of cause once your scenic up to the track any odd bits you missed can be covered.
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