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 Posted: Thu Dec 29th, 2011 09:31 pm
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Many thanks for the comments guys!!

danpickard escribió:
Hi Lucas,
Thats certainly a worth while effort. The big benefit of carving them yourself is the corner finish, which is often the downfall of many pre cast versions, with a join to tryand conceal. Your corners have come up great. The method of pushing the odd brick in or off skew adds some great texture to the wall as well.
Yes, corners = problems... But hand carve solves it. Only one thing I don´t like, is the texture of the corner, is more porous than the front side, may I had to sand the front for get a similar texture.

I'm assuming it was a piece of the extruded foam, similar to the pink or blue foam as often used in the US. I have difficulties getting the pink/blue gear down here, so use a similar white/cream coloured product.
This experiment was made in a white foam piece. The foam here is the same you use, white foam, I can´t find pink or blue here. I have a little piece of pink, will do a test in it for look if there are some  differences.

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