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 Posted: Wed Dec 28th, 2011 02:08 am
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Don- I would paint the ties before ballasting.

I spread the ballast by taking a small can, or jar, and pouring a continuous heap down the center of the track--enough to cover the ties in the center, and extend out to about 3/4 of the width between the rails. Than a take a cheap paintbrush (in O scale I use a 1") and prod the ballast under the rail on each side, and let it spill away from the track. After the first couple feet, you will figure out  how large a pile between the rails to start with.
Brush any excess ballast off the top of the ties, then with a spray bottle with 25% alcolhol and 75% water soak everything down liberally--small puddles are OK. Take yellow carpenters glue (Titebond or similar) and make a mix of about 30% glue and the remainder water, and apply liberally with an eyedropper or fine tipped plastic squeeze bottle. Some people use white glue (Elmers) but it dries to a more brittle bond and the track seems noisier than with the yellow stuff. Don't worry about getting too much glue on the track, when dry it will turn clear and dull, as long as it was diluted enough. Another reason for yellow glue, and dilution, is that if a change is wanted, the ballast and dried glue will scrape up easier with a putty knife.


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