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 Posted: Sun Dec 25th, 2011 10:40 pm
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Elminer o , W sea , fellers..

It took me awhile to get that one...hahahahahahaha...

Washes of paint is a trick the mil modelers seems to be  a seldom used thing in Model railways..

And..the lettering ...I started to hand paint a long time ago...not so good results till I started using artist acrylic ..and diluting with water to the right trial and err..

Even these letters are somewhot off....from the uptown railways paint shopps...cause a course we ain't gets the job done..the font..or size and shape of letters is whot ever I can paint..not mention...Aaaaah inexpensive...and fast...

I like them..the thing is to realize that old Joe..with a old paint brush..and old paint...might have done just that to identify wagons.

Because some roll better..and some don't roll a tall..this is  plus under the bin on the grade...

These are fotos of horse cars built by a builder in the US for export...very nice light railway bits..

Neat huh....

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