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 Posted: Sun Dec 25th, 2011 08:34 pm
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A new thread in the NG section..I am enthusiastic about half inch extra NG...I will post pitchers of my modeling and lately some from the past ..... I have built nothing during my move and re hash of housing...I have moved to the power lights ...well water on a generator...this is my brothers place...near Bangor california...I have lived here before.. two years, 1988 or so...

This may seem bad..but  land  is available for the new mo bettah.... fifteen inch gauge railway.... to be rebuilt the fullness of time...I have enough rails for 280 feet of track...

How do I eat an bite at a time...a good thought for me..who wants to over organize and plan stasis..

Inside I want to have a 1/2 "n 18" railway..minimalist...enjoying the process ..instead of trying to make it all in a day...alot like a hobby...

I am fair proud of the rust   on this one..I painted this one for a friend...

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