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 Posted: Fri Nov 11th, 2011 07:29 am
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Thanks everyone for your help I have just spent heaps of time looking and learning at Micro Marks. I appreciate the time and quick response the members came to my aid.
I'll have a go at the black fiber, thank you for that but would like to find something local. - Australian. I now have my wife interested in doing brass etching for me also after I had a good look around Marks founding the etching kit.:2t: YES So just asked nicely if she would give it a go, YES she said straight away Wooohhhoo, I can see my new wheel guards, truck steeps, fly guard for the windscreen and more getting done now for my Australian HO Cab Prime Mover. Its only been two years or is that three years, on the molding table, anyway its about 80 percent done, I'll get finished next year. Again thanks for the help guys - Every days a school day   :glad:

Every days a school day -

Its not the smartest that succeed but the most adaptable to change.
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