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 Posted: Mon Oct 17th, 2011 03:05 pm
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I'd agree - this loco offers scope for an On30 critter conversion (though I must admit that I've never tried this myself).

Someone posted pictures of one of these conversions on another forum site:

Kato NW2 On30 conversion on Zealot site

Although it wasn't the shortest of On30 critters, the basic recipe was very similar to a lot of conversions I've seen written up (in books and on the internet):
  • Take one fairly standard HO hooded diesel.
  • Widen the footplate.
  • Replace the cab with something larger.
  • Add / replace details like steps, exhausts etc to taste.
I haven't encountered this model myself but, a while back, someone on RR Line started a DCC conversion thread. They didn't finish their write-up, because someone else mentioned about a PDF write-up that already existed.

The pictures that were posted in that thread suggest that at least some HO Kato NW2s have split frames, which fill the original bodyshell.

Returning to the On30 critter conversions, I suspect you're probably looking at a choice - the HO hood with a large cab - or possibly a boxcab. Which you choose is up to you - and I wouldn't wish to influence you. (I'm not the one doing the work, or paying the bills!)

Whatever you go for, I hope you like the end result.

All the best,


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