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 Posted: Sun Jul 3rd, 2011 12:32 am
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Golly its been awhile since last posting on this thread.

The track on the layout has been sort of finished, 3 Tortiose motors to install and the Turntable with the roundhouse, sounds easy enough.

I have been working on some of the rock work. 

Rocks are made using casting plaster, about 70 kgs to date, would guess about another 100 kgs to go.

I have a friend Peter Sutton who has been showing me his method.  He kept me busy mixing and pouring plaster while he placed the castings. Peter makes his own molds, about 50 of which some are 30 inches long,  but that's another story

Herbert has been bugging me for a few progress photo's, so here we go.

This area is just over 6 feet above floor level, thus creating a view block.

The Grotto, showing the area that will have a river.

Some detail

And more detail

Showing a a section that has only had the tint coat of paint.

The painting was done using acrylic paints at full strength and brushed on except for the base tint which was sprayed with a pump bottle. Used 4 different colours that were blended when brushing.

Don McL
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