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 Posted: Tue Jun 14th, 2011 06:08 pm
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The subject of "rubber gauging" is brought up from time to time, I thought I would bring it up again.

I suppose that all of us are of the "rubbery" type, maybe starting off as kids with Lionel or American Flyer and now look.
What goes around comes around...again.
Lionel was/is roughly 1:48 scale, AF was 1:64 scale...and the younger dudes may have begun with Tyco HO 1:87 scale or even N 1:160 scale.
Many of us old fogies have gotten back into 1:48 or 1:64 in our later years...again.

Maybe some of you have a story or two about this, I know I do.
So, here are a couple of photos taken about 10 or 12 years apart which depict the same railroad but different scales/gauges.
Back then....

The old On20 Mogollon Railway ran on HOn3 gauge and hauled ore from mines to smelter.
Then later....

The 1:35n2 Mogollon Railway hauls ore from mines to smelter.
No changes in the general idea, but the scales are very different.
(the headlights on both locos are the same!)

Over these many years....
I have built N scale, HOn30, HOn3, HO std., On30, O std, 1:35n2, 1:32n20, large scale(s), and even an Nn3 locomotive.

Why do we do these things...or maybe why does it really matter?
Let's hear your confessions, er... stories.


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