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 Posted: Tue Jun 14th, 2011 03:51 am
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I made so many molds many years ago and have since lost everyone of them. I would also get the Flat River Stones, glue them together one on top of each other to make a tall mold surface, and it wold look like layered rock that had been blasted away like in quarry's. Really nice effect. You can also use a layered type shale, use the smallest concrete drill bit to drill a series of holes in a semi-line through the rock. Then with a chisel, score a line through the center line of the holes and break on the line. The holes split on each side and after you stack them it looks like the holes they used for the blasting caps and dynamite. randomness is key in the breaking part. Remember, you can never break a rock wrong. lol...

I have modeled N Scale for over 30 years and finding rock with the tight layering was extremly difficult. I would even use MDF, chip away to make a random pattern like rough cut stone, glue them in layers, and make molds. Fun times...

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