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 Posted: Tue Jun 14th, 2011 01:56 am
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Nn3Designs wrote: I used to always carry with me was a quart of Latex Rubber, some Wet-Water (for cleaning), a few rolls of (cheap)Gauze, a few disposable cups, a few rags, and two small 1" wide brushes. One of the things I would look for when searching for ROCKS was a lot of small detail. After cleaning the ROCK surface with the water and brush it was time to have some fun. Brush a light layer of LAtex Rubber and wait a few minutes to tack. Follow that with another coat of Latex Rubber then start layering on Gauze for structure saturating the gauze in-between each coat. After about 4 or 5 coats of Latex Rubber and Gauze it was time to wait until dry. Some of the LAtex Rubbers on the market dry fairly quickly. After they have cured, GENTLY pull the mold you just made from the rock. Now when you get back and are ready to make rocks, use a little wet-water in the mold, then pour in some Hydrocal, Plaster, or which ever you use and position on the layout. It is cheaper than buying the commercial molds and you are guaranteed to have one of a kind rocks on your layout. As for using REAL Rocks... Way too heavy for standard benchwork.

Just my opinion and what we used to do back in the day when molds were almost or to expensive. Make your own and the nice part is they are flexible to wrap around corners.
Thanks, will do that when I go camping this summer, bring my mold kit with me, and , hey a corner mold is a great idea!

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