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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2011 04:58 am
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Think seriously about using real rocks unless its going to be outside.

You have partly answered your own question. It will be heavy that you can be sure of.  Now getting rocks of the texture and colour required may not be a big issue.BUT getting them to fit together is not going to be easy, Rocks don't cut to like foam or plaster. This is just plain hard work with diamond tipped drills, a rather large hammer and a selection of cold chisels.

Have you given thought to selecting some rocks and making your own molds with latex, then pour plaster into the molds. Now you have the texture you are looking for, then cut to fit with a cheap hand saw to give you the required fit. All that is left to do is the painting.

Remember the only part of the rock to be seen is the face, the rest of a rock just takes up space. And you will not need a super structure built from 4x4 hardwood to carry the load for many years.

If it was a good idea I'm sure others would have done it before


Don McL
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