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 Posted: Thu Jun 9th, 2011 02:48 am
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Hunter 692 wrote: Hello,
       I have been looking over various Ho scale forest animals,  and have seen crows, sea gulls, and hawks.  Do they not make owls, rabbits, or scale fish for river, and pond scenes?
        Does any one know how the best way to scratch build these items in Ho scale? any advice would be appreciated, and I Thank you for your time.

As one who used to be in HO scale, i bought some skunks from master creations........i had pretty good eyesight then....well what i got was 2 very small stones with white lines on them.  Unless an animal is modelled that is LARGE, don't waste your time buying them. If you cannot see them clearly with the naked eye *****what they are*****, you just wasted your money.

You want a model snake, model a pithon or a boaconstrictor.

Nobodys eyesight stays good forever !!!!!


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