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 Posted: Sat Apr 16th, 2011 05:44 pm
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Wow! I actually have a sizable update for you all! :glad:

Not only do I have a track plan... ALMOST finished, but finished enough to post!:)

So this friends is my Ocalla Tramway, some fictional mine tram somewhere in southwestern Arizona. It features an On30 main line passing strait through, but served by the On20 tramway. Also, here are some colored versions of some of the loco concept mentioned in a previous post.

These small Porters will be the primary motive power for the Ocalla Tramway, but there are some larger locos, such as the concpet for the 0-4-0 outside frame Porter I had mentioned based on the Grandt Line kit.

I still have yet to actually draw my version of the "Coranado" Porter, but here is a drawing I stubled across a while back of it.

My version will be of the 0-4-0 configuration and with a headlight. ;)

Also, I'm fiddling around with what kind of buildings and strctures to have on the layout so I've been working on some simple concept sketches.

So that's about it for this post. I hope that I've peaked you interest thus far! :moose:

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