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 Posted: Fri Apr 15th, 2011 04:07 pm
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MinerFortyNiner wrote: Heh...what's not to love with 20 inch gauge? And switchbacks? Nothing better! I look forward to watching your progress.

I actually took a Bachmann 0-4-0 Porter, regauged the wheels to 20", and ground the frame down to accept the narrowed wheelsets. I haven't figured out how to modify the drivetrain, but it rolls just fine. It can be done!

I've seen a few bashes that used the Bachmann Porter. Though recently I have considered using the Grandt Line Kit, mostly because it has far greater detail than the Bachmann model! And I'm ALL about details!!! :moose:

Oh! And I'm sorry, I accidentally deleted the Kornut Porter concept drawing by mistake. So here it is for those interested.

Also, colored versions of my concept drawings are under way. I'll post them when I'm able.

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