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 Posted: Thu Apr 14th, 2011 05:23 pm
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Hey all! Gunslinger here again! Adn since I really don't have anything new for my other thread, yet, I'd figure I'd share another project with ya'll! ;)

I am a modeler who has interest in many different scales and guages. Most recently I've discovered On20 and have found it rather enthralling. Persoanlly my prefered scale/gauge of modeling is On30. I was originally going to build a 6-10 On20 layout that has some Disney influence and would focus on Arizona Copper Mining and the primary industry. As much as I'd like to have a full sized On20 layout it's just not in the cards for the time being. So I figured I'd settle for a small 20" gauge tramway to carry the ore from some of the mine to the "Bigger" 30" gauge trains.

However, since my roommate and I have settled on HOn3 for the main layout I needed to shrink my O scaled ambition from 6x10' to 2x8' and make a shelf layout instead. Not that that's a bad thing mind you! The track plan is almost complete and when I can gain access to a scanner I'll be more than happy to post it, but for now all I have are some locomotive concepts I wish to build.

The first loco of interest I have to give credit to the Gila Tramway for its tiny and diminuative Shay locomotives. My rendition however will be a little bit different. I've been "Mentally" building this concept in my head for a while now and I think I know how to achive the end result, which I hope (and pray) will turn out lik this!

Like the Gila Tramway's Shays they will start off as MDC HOn3 shay kits. Then to get the Wagon Top boiler design which I have an affinity for I looked at the Wiseman Model Service's Sn3/Sn42 Shay conversion Kits. They have one with a Wagon Top boiler and I think it would be perfect, proportionally speaking. That's a little trick I learned a while back. Just becuase one model's a specific scale does not mean you can't use parts from another! :moose: As much as I like this Wagon Top Shay I do like "T" Boiler Shays as well and I might build one eventually, however that's still in the air right now.

The primary form of motive power will be of more traditional steam locomotives. Specifically Porters. Most will be of the rather diminuative "Kornut" Porters originally built for 18" gauge, but I think a 20" gauge will fair better. I still don't know exactly how I will build these little steamers, but the end result should look like this... minus Lee Van Cleef though. :P

Not to scale, but it's the look I'm aiming for. I'd like to have 3 or 4 of these little engines to have as the primary part of my On20 loco fleet, but there are two larger porters I'd like to build as well. One of them will be my version of the Coranado Porter.

I figure I can use and abuse a Bachmann On30 Porter and kitbash it into something like what is illustraited above. Now ther is one other Porter I wish to build. It is of freelance design and is an outside frame 0-4-0. It would look similar to ACC #8, but a tad larger and with horizonatal pistons rather than canted ones. The bash was inspired by one I saw on the On20 Yahoo Group that used a Grandt Line 18 Ton Saddle Tank Porter kit. The wheels will be pushed together to 20" gauge so they fit behind the "stock" frame of the model. The cranks will be added so that the main rod and side rods can be applied. I do have a finished drawing of the concept, but alas... the lack of a scanner prevents me from posting it. But I will post it soon. A friend of mine had a scanner and I hope I can use it sometime before next week.

As for the layout itself, it is a humble 2x8ft and also offers a bit of Duel Gauge! :) The layout is an On20/On30 one, with an On30 main line passing right through the middle. One end has a stone 2-Stall engine house, an ash pit, turntable, and other required engine facilities. There are 2 mines that are served by the 20" gauge line which pick up ore and transfer them to the main ore bin which is located next to the On30 R-O-W. The second mine has a small ore bin from which the On20 line serves. In order to get to this mine there are two switch backs I used to gain elevation. It should prove interesting to operate, for I haven't done anything with switch backs before.

Well I hope that I've peaked your interest! I'll post more soon.... hopefully. ^^

Oh! And remember this! "Silence is golden, but :dt: is silver!" :moose:

A.J. Davis

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