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 Posted: Fri Apr 1st, 2011 06:43 am
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elminero67 wrote:
Vern-your idea about the string of mules reminds me of a story a friend I had who worked on the Arizona Eastern told me: The engineers rounded a corner to find a rather large cow stuck midway accross a trestle: It seems that the heifer tried to cross the trestle, but her legs fell between the ties, rendering her unable to move. The Arizona Eastern which runs from Bowie AZ to Globe, only manages about 10-15mph. Unfortunately for the cow the engineer was unable to stop the train, leaving quite a mess on both trestle and loco...

I would guess that isn't uncommon, especially considering the frequency (or should I say lack of frequency) of trains on the AE. As much as I like a good steak now and then and always thought PETA stood for People Enjoying Tasty Animals, I'll refrain from any attempts of bovine trestle humor. The plight of that animal was unfortunate indeed.

I remember seeing a video of the Alaska Railroad where their problem was caribou getting on long bridges or deep cuts, where they could not outrun the trains. It must be somewhat depressing for the crews to witness that.

In my own little miniature world, I prefer to think of the lazy prospectors with pack mules who want to get to the cold beer in town fast, taking their chances over the bridge. Fortunately, my little trains are noisy and slow, and so far the prospectors have avoided getting trapped on the bridge...


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