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 Posted: Tue Mar 22nd, 2011 12:39 pm
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Quick further update to "Dolly's" ventures...

For those of you that weren't aware, we sold Dolly Varden a while back to Dave Revelia, and the layout was crated up, packed into a container and shipped across to Florida, where it now is on display in a modelling museum of sorts, that Dave is piecing together (several layouts, dioramas and other models for open house displays).

I was also extremely pleased to have Russ from the Finescale Annuals print a layout feature of the Dolly Varden piece in the latest "Logging, Mining & Industrial Annual", due for release this April (subscribers will be getting their copies now, but due in stores shortly). Its a book that I have always admired for the high quality of the photographic content, and Russ has done a fine job of cleaning and tweaking the images I sent him some time ago now. While Dolly is no longer here on my local soil, getting that book in the post today was a proud reminder of the time we (John & I) spent on that little project.

Thanks Russ for the support.

Dan Pickard

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