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 Posted: Thu Mar 17th, 2011 03:08 am
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I remember the first time i saw the december isssue of ?? magazine and that full colour full page advert drove me nuts, had to have one, made the telephone call too Master Creations in arizona  right then and there. !!!!  I also phoned fine scale miniatures that day for their latest too.

As i typed in "coon gap sawmill" into my search engine earlier today, it was amazing how many different places in model railroad groups had talked about the kit. You may want to follow some of those links and maybe mention in a REPLY post , after you join them, that your looking for one and see where that takes you.

Its my understanding, i did own a HO scale one never opened it, that this is a bear to understand the instructions.  One of the reasons i sold ""all"" of my master creation laser kits was the difficulty i had doing the #40 rutherford b haynes carriage company. The instructions were nuts and i basically just looked at the kit pictures and assembled it from those.  Not an easy task but i did accomplish it.  Maybe thats why i am an accomplished scratch builder.

IF you were able to find the instructions for the O scale kit or a copy of them, its my understanding that the S & O scale instructions were done by BTS and are far superior to the ones written by master creations.

I did see that a builder in one of those links..was RAILROAD LINE FORUM ) in a post.....R T BARON said he had an O scale kit he was going to build.  I would make a concerned effort to find and contact him and ask him to copy the plans and pay him for them.


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