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 Posted: Wed Mar 16th, 2011 05:12 am
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well cascademan i can assure you your not alone in your search for an O scale coon gap sawmill.  I can also tell you that your looking for a needle in a haystack as only 50 O scale versions were made and sold by B T S.

I can also tell you that the original HO version kit by master creations...later B T S, is supposed to be a nightmare and to quote one DOUG COFFEY he probably could have scratch built it easier.

I did manage to obtain a kit in O scale from a guy in california 2-3 years ago, problem is that half the kits parts were missing, so it got returned.  Not sure if all the plans were there and i never thought about copying the plans at that time.  I was trading the seller about $900 worth of yorke kits.

I made the contact with the seller thru the yahoo group....yorke kits with a wanted specific post in the group. I forget exactly WHO the seller was...bob walther ???? in southern california.

Somewhere stored on a cd are digital pictures of the only O scale one i have ever seen built up and it was called WEST or EAST CHOP . I believe it was either an english, auzzie or new zealand travelling exhibition layout complete with  sound. Builder did a great job.  Couldn't find those pics on any cd's.

Here is a thought for the HO kit thats readily available on ebay and copy it by using it as a  pattern for an O scale scratch built blow up.  Make sure the kit is sealed. If you buy the #85 SE edition with the lights and sound computer boards.  After its scratch built sell the kit off less the computer sound boards.   There is currently one on ebay a S E edition for sale at $516 i think.  In O scale you might touch that kit for $1000 i would think, as less than 10 were made.



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