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 Posted: Tue Mar 15th, 2011 02:59 pm
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W C Greene

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Well, I seem to have satisfied my "craving" for these cacti, something I have wanted for quite a while. The leaves? Saguaroes have millions of tiny spikes that have the same function as leaves so that's the botany lesson. On the models, the act of carving and scritching the balsa causes tiny fuzz and that represents the leaves or spikes. That's my story. I am going to make these in a spring setting with some flowers (when I figure that out) and a few birds sitting on the tops.

Clif-the morticed arm joint is easier to glue together, the soft balsa gets squished and fitted before I do the glue so the nicely cut attachment point is pretty much hidden and then with some glue here & there, it is gone. Making these things is really fairly relaxing and now I may have the problem of making more than I really need, unlike when I used to make trees...never enough!

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