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 Posted: Mon Mar 14th, 2011 02:04 am
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From the outset, I know that there will be just a few freerailers who will want to make saguaro cactus plants. I have wanted a bunch of these majestic cacti (cactusses?) for a long time and have looked at and spent money on "scale replicas" that failed to melt my butter and ideas to make them have taken an inordinate amount of Muj's and my time, we have thought of and tried several methods to make the plant. Making wire armatures with plaster covering, clay models used as masters for rubber molds..all time consuming and still not quite "right". Well, while I was watching "3:10 to Yuma" the other night, I got an idea...why not carve the things from balsa sticks which I had a bunch of stashed away. So, here it is. It takes longer to explain than to make.

A balsa stick is carved into a tapered dowel (roughly) and a coarse Xacto saw blade (or other) is dragged lengthwise to simulate the "ribs" in the trunk.

Here, an "arm" is being carved from a stick. This will be rounded and the saw will be run lengthwise also. Be sure to use a fresh #11 blade to do the carving.

The "arm" is glued in a small pocket made in the trunk. Peach Head is not amused as I use medium CA to glue the part on.

Here is a "finished" cactus. I inserted a small piece of wire in the bottom to help when I "plant" the cactus. I see the old man has moved, I must be bothering him. You can add "arms" where you want but it helps to look at photos of real saguaros and don't make them all look alike.

Here's an old cactus which looks like a bunch of sticks standing vertically. I made this one by really attacking the balsa with the has that dead look now.

And here's the saguaro cactus "forest" I am working on. these are not glued down and I will mess with the ground cover some more to get the "look". I didn't spend much time making all these, just some nice sittin' and whittlin' in the sun. I painted them in various greens and gray, none are alike. Now it's time for some more.


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