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 Posted: Sat Mar 12th, 2011 02:33 am
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A very number of years ago I fell in love with the Coon Gap Sawmill as a kid. I always dreamed of having and would even draw it on paper to pass the time. Now that I am older I have looked at purchasing one of these museum quality pieces. I model in On30 scale so Since around 2005 I have been looking online for an O scale Coon Gap Sawmill. 6 years later and countless hours of searching eBay and other stores still nothing. It seems near impossible to find one and it has been a person quest of mine to build one. My question to ya'll is ANYONE had a set of plans, templates or insteuctions they would be willing so scan, sell.. anything! O scale or HO. Like the templates that came with the kit or instructions. I have all but given up on trying to buy a original kit and probably the only way to have one is build my own. Any sort of help would be a huge step for me to owning or building one. Thanks guys!!

Cascade Man

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