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 Posted: Sun Feb 27th, 2011 05:41 pm
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Ronnie-that's a great little diorama you built for the Mrs. Be very glad and fortunate that you have her around and that she appreciates your (and maybe her) hobby. My wife always let me work on junk (I was at home, not drunk in the streets) and she even built some structures for our HOn30 layout. We went to see the old West Side Lumber Co. once and she built what could be considered a contest quality model of a WS boxcar..interior and all in HOn3. And then there's the time we went to a national NMRA convention in St. Louis; she won first place model photography with a picture of a locomotive I built which didn't even rate a "mention" at the same contest! It was a proud moment to watch her go up and get her ribbon at the ceremony amid guys whispering-"a woman? Why did they give it to a woman?" I really miss her but know that she would appreciate what I am doing now even if she would have to call me to come inside for supper.

The wives of model railroaders, you just gotta love them.


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