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 Posted: Sun Feb 20th, 2011 09:32 pm
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The older photo certainly isn't Canyon Diablo, but the bridge is of similar construction to the original bridge built there. I agree, spindly would look better.

The central gorge should probably be covered by one span, which could use HO viaduct side girders laminated to a plywood roadbed. When flash floods hit, any supports in that defile would probably be washed out.

Assuming it's about 24" across the deepest part of the canyon, you are talking more than 90 scale feet. While spans that long would usually have a girder arch support, perhaps double towers on each end with heavier side girders would look 'spindly' and yet provide 'high probability' of supporting the little trains.

I need to construct a similar bridge for my high line to cross Burro Canyon, in three spans via a light steel viaduct. I plan to use the Micro Engineering products for it.

Duane...was that heavy span on the Morenci Southern?

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