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 Posted: Fri Feb 4th, 2011 01:00 pm
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Broadoak wrote: ... I was a Technical Artist many years ago.

I think I fancy something a bit more home built, as if it had been made in the farm workshops with limited funds and resources. I have not decided finally yet, I like to get the feel of the kit first. I will however think of it as the Ford version that the farm picked up second hand after the war.

... I think however bizarre your imagination is it has probably already been done. The prototype for everything syndrome I suppose.

I'm not surprised about you having been a technical artist - capturing scenes (and details) as well as you've done takes a certain eye, which many people don't have. This is one reason why, when you build your new railtruck, I'm sure the finished product will be worth waiting for.

I don't want to sidetrack you, but I'm sure you sometimes get some "you'd never see that" comments at exhibitions about some of your motive power. Like you, I reckon you would see it all - and more. The issue is whether some people actually see (or believe) some of the more unusual stuff that runs on rails.

One thread on the SE Lounge forum recently caught my eye. Someone posted pictures of bulldozers converted to run on rails at a salt plant - these pictures were followed by a build of a detailed large scale model version (actually a couple of them):,16682046.0.html

Some of the pictures in the site also looked pretty extreme - like tractors fitted with cabs from scrapped trucks.

I'm sure someone, somewhere, will have tried combining these ideas - with a "railed" tractor or bulldozer, fitted with a cab - but whether anyone would ever want to model it...

I've also seen a book about the Tatra T3 trams, which included a number of photos showing part-built tramcars being towed around the (now demolished) Prague tram factory on rails and accommodation bogies, behind some rather rough looking tractors. Later pictures showed similar scenes - but with the tractors replaced by conventional road trucks.

As for the "you'd never see that" brigade at shows, I'd love to know what they'd make of this picture - showing a lorry, fitted with rail wheels and towing passenger cars in service. If this isn't a case of "prototype for everything", I don't know what is: 

Changing the subject, I can see why that Bedford photo would have motivated you to start building critters (followed by a layout to run them on). OK, I might personally prefer vehicles to look a bit more pristine - but pictures like that do have a certain old world charm (emphasis on old).

Anyway, I think I've already taken more than enough of your time - so I'll let you get on with what you're doing.

All the best,


EDIT:  Here's another example of "prototype for everything" - part way down the page on this link, there's a photo clearly showing a Simplex "tin turtle" working a train of passenger stock:

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